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 All About Bass and Blues Charters - Striper Fishing Charters

Charter Fishing for Stripers and Bluefish, a lot of fun to catch on the Drifter Too. 

Stripers are a great game fish and we love to target them on our fishing charter trips in RI.  There is nothing like the strike of a striper when jigging a parachute rigs, feeling the rod almost being pulled out of your hand as you try to pull it back for jig stroke.  Then it hold on! And the fight begins.  We use a variety of methods to fish for striped bass on our trips.  Trolling with wire line is one we use a lot as many of our trips leave the dock after the sun is up.  Stripers do not have eyes like ours, their eyes cannot adjust for the amount of light hitting them, their only defense is to go into deeper water.  So trolling or jigging deep with wire is main tactic in catching them much of the time.  In the spring when they first arrive the sun is not so high and the bait are plentiful so we might be trolling monofilament rigs in shallow water or casting plugs to the fish feeding on the surface.  As the season goes on and the sun gets brighter and stronger, we more and more need to use deep jigging and trolling with wire to get the stripers.

We also catch a lot of bluefish.  Stripers and bluefish are often found together.  Stripers are lazy feeders much of the time and love to take advantage of the messy way that blues feed.  Bluefish will often cut up a bait and only swallow whatís in their mouth, allowing the rest to fall to the bottom.  The big cow Stripers cruise along the very bottom picking up these scraps without using a lot of energy, that's how they get big. The smaller, more aggressive bass will be right in there grabbing these pieces as the fall away from the blues but long before they reach the bottom.  So on some days it is almost impossible to get down to the stripers, you just keep catching bluefish.  Sometimes we only get the smaller bass, and other times we may get the big stripers, and sometimes we only get the bluefish.  Such is the nature of the game.  But they are all fun to catch and we do a lot of bass and blues trips during the season, it is our #1 trip.

We fillet your stripers (and blues) at the end of the fishing trip, we bag it and itís just like what you get in the market, only itís a lot fresher.  We can keep two fish per person, 28Ē minimum size.

Drifter two in Galilee Breach-way.

Nice Block Island Bass.

South Shore Bass.


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